[RESULTS] 2015 Smash Cut Culture Oscar Pool

birdman-oscarsThanks to all who participated in Smash Cut Culture’s first ever Oscar Pool.

Congrats to Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu for taking home three Oscars for Birdman.  Along with the award for Best Cinematography, that brought Birdman‘s win total to four, the most for the night.

As for the race to win the Smash Cut Culture Oscar Pool, it was a nail biter.  Two people ended up with 17 correct picks and it came down to the tie breaker.

Both Andrew Leigh and Isabel Arisso correctly picked the winners for Best Picture, Director and all the acting categories as well as 11 more.  Our tie breaker was guessing the total running time of this year’s broadcast, which clocked in at 3 hours 42 minutes.

Andrew guessed 3 hours 21 minutes

Isabel guess 3 hours 31 minutes.

Congratulations Isabel! Enjoy that wonderful sensation of schadenfreude. See ya next year folks.

  • Andrew Leigh

    Oof! If only Neil Patrick Harris had cut that stupid briefcase bit he subjected poor Octavia Spencer to, the broadcast would have been about 20 minutes shorter (or so it seemed). I for one am feeling more schaden than freude. Next year!

    • Matt Edwards

      I’m still amazed someone streaked the show and there was no news about it. Oh wait, that was the host. Next year indeed!