Michael Keaton Is…

If there is one thing to like about the Golden Globes, (because the Awards themselves are a joke) it’s that sometimes one of the good guys finishes first and get’s a chance to talk into a world-wide microphone and drop some knowledge.

Michael Keaton was Mr. Mom and Bill Blazejowski. He was Beetlejuice and was Batman. But what Michael Keaton still is and always will be, is Michael John Douglas.

Matt Edwards

Matt Edwards is a filmmaker in his native Los Angeles. He is an alumnus of the 2011 Taliesin Nexus Filmmakers Workshop, a 2014 Liberty Lab Fellow and the current editor of SCC. Matt is also host of the The Rear View film podcast. Follow @TRVpodcast and @mattchrised on Twitter.

  • PJL

    A truly classy, stand up guy. I’m glad to see more and more high-profile icons using their fame for good value. Let’s hope we can keep this trend going!

    • Matt Edwards

      Agreed. It reminded me of when Ashton Kutcher said something similar at the Teen Choice Awards.