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Rory McIlroy Finally Crowned in Time for St. Patrick’s Day

rory pga tour xboxOn March 16, one day before St. Patrick’s Day, EA Sports announced that the number 1 ranked golfer in the world, will not only grace the cover of the brand’s latest incarnation of it’s legendary video game, but that the Irishman’s name will also get top billing.  That’s right, the game that revolutionized playing golf from your couch, Tiger Woods PGA Tour will now be called Rory McIlory PGA Tour.  Make no mistake, this is actually huge in terms of how far Tiger Woods’ fall from grace has plummeted.  This isn’t just losing the cover, it’s losing the whole franchise. It would be as if EA Sports decided to replace John Madden’s name from Madden NFL.  Cowher NFL anyone?

With Woods in semi-retirement is the sports world finally ready to concede that there are other golfers playing the sport? No word on whether game users can even still play as Woods in this new version. Somehow, I don’t think Tiger Woods enjoys playing second fiddle even in a virtual reality. The game will be released in June.

Sporting News has the full story here.

Matt Edwards

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