Smash Cut Culture (a beta project of Taliesin Nexus) is a group blog bringing diverse voices and ideas to an examination of pop culture, with a special emphasis on movies, TV and online video.  We aspire to liberate our culture from the stale and stereotypical, encouraging fresh points of view.

Hollywood has passed through many phases and transitions throughout its 100-plus-year history.  It is now embarking upon what might be its most revolutionary phase yet, as digital technology tears down the barriers to entry.

A college kid could make an epic adventure film in her or his dorm room with nothing but a decent laptop, an HD camera, and a makeshift green screen.  (Is it mere coincidence that the Wizard of Oz hid behind a green curtain?)

The studio system is passing away, along with the paternalistic, coastal-elite attitudes that have dominated Hollywood for the past several decades.  New voices are emerging, and we for one can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

Smash Cut Culture is a beta project, loosely affiliated with Taliesin Nexus.  The views expressed here are strictly the opinions of the contributors themselves and are not to be attributed to Taliesin Nexus (unless explicitly stated otherwise).

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Want to be a contributor?

Smash Cut Culture is looking for contributors who share our passion for pop culture and a free society. Contact us via the contact form on this blog with a brief description of your relevant background and experience,and what you could bring to the virtual table here.  If you are an alumnus or alumna of one of Taliesin Nexus’s programs (workshops, internships, etc.), let us know.

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