Déjà Reboot: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

unnamedThe Old:  In 1974, Tobe Hooper was responsible for a lot of deaths. Not literally (that anyone knows of), but he was definitely responsible for some faintings.  The original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was known for being one of the most terrifying films of its’ time, so much so that people passed out in the theatres.  While it can be seen as being cheesy for modern audiences, the scares and tension absolutely stand the test of time.


The New:  In 2003, we got an update on this horror classic with a hot, young cast lead by Jessica Biel.  Naturally, in the vein of modern horror, the remake went for more of the gore and guts than actual tension and scares.  However, the stylish and bleak cinematography and high-tension chase scenes made for what a basic horror fan could find entertaining.


unnamedThe Verdict:  Out of obligation, I must recommend the original TCM.  It really is horrifying and it set the standard for 70s, 80s and 90s horror classics.   However, the remake does add a bit more story for the sake of drama (as pointless as that drama may have turned out to be) and is worth a catch at least once, as it does have its’ fair share of scares.   Plus…I just can’t get enough of the trailer. It’s bloody CREEPY!

Patrick Lehe

Originally from Indiana, Lehe moved to Los Angeles 2 years ago to pursue a career in screenwriting. Since relocating to the "Left Coast," Lehe has worked at a production company, a talent agency and now an entertainment law firm, all while building a network of industry connections.

  • Matt Edwards

    I too dig both these films and agree on the verdict. I do remember seeing the remake in the theater and absolutely being caught up in it. It was terrifying. The original is more disturbing though.

    As for the trailer though – there was a teaser for the remake that the MPAA actually didn’t allow to be played in theaters because it was so disturbing – and it’s all done WITHOUT any visuals. You can find it included on the special edition DVD or watch it here… with the lights off and with headphones for maximum impact… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZaO-4PDwlY