Lights, Camera, Liberty, the Series: Part IV

This week we’re highlighting some work from the public interest legal organization the Pacific Legal Foundation based out of Sacramento, as we continue the Lights, Camera, Liberty series.

This particular video focuses on the recent legal battles of Drakes Bay Oyster Company, a family farm who harvests organic oysters, providing local, sustainable good eats for Marin County, California. Check out the short video and commentary below to learn more about the case!

Albert Im, the media content producer for PLC, discusses his creative approach to telling this story,

We wanted to show the faces behind the people who are affected [by bad farming policy].

I really wanted to show the land and the different colors of the land since the case revolves around a nursery, and essentially, farmers.  These are people who works with their hands and have a feel for the earth.  I also wanted to them in action as they did their daily work.  

I tried to personalize the story and make it more universal so that people understand that this can happen to anyone and any business.  I wanted to tell the story about one family that’s fighting the government with the help of Pacific Legal Foundation, so that others out there who might be dealing with similar issues or problems don’t have to be afraid.

Crystal Hubbard

Crystal Hubbard is a freelance writer / producer, and a Smash Cut Culture contributor. She was a finalist for the New York Television Festival Fox Comedy script contest in 2011 and 2013, and is a Taliesin Nexus and Nexpressions alum. In 2012, she interned at Disruption Entertainment, and is a current Fellow with the Moving Picture Institute. She occasionally tweets (but mostly lurks) @cnhubbard, and sometimes uses Instagram @bare_cupboard.