Look to Your Left. Look to Your Right. Two of Those People are Copyright Criminals

It’s the digital revolution! Innovation is at an all time high because with every new piece of technology comes a new application to art, humor, literature, business, academia, and, yes, more technology. But Copyright-_all_rights_reservedin an age where so many old ideas are being revisited and improved, we face an interesting dilemma of personal property: the ever-controversial Copyright.

This week, George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, a prominent institution in market research, chimed in on the debate. Chapman University Law professor Tom W. Bell narrates a video that shows just how common copyright infringement really is.

Is the system in need of reform? As of now, it seems as though the law is applied on a case by case basis, which calls many of us to question its effectiveness. Most Americans are unaware of how often they violate the current Copyright system, which is why Bell and the Mercatus Center are calling for the law to be revisited. For more information on Bell and the Mercatus Center click here.

And for those of you who are wondering, yes, I did have permission to publish this piece.

Richard Mattox

Richard Mattox is the head editor of Smash Cut Culture and a 2013 alumnus of the Taliesin Nexus Filmmakers Workshop and Internship program. Currently pursuing a Masters in Professional Writing (screenwriting emphasis) from USC, Mattox is an avid film-junkie, a singer-songwriter, and a die-hard Baltimore Orioles fan.