The Best Show You Might Not Be Watching: The Goldbergs

For those of you in need of something to watch, let me do my best to enlighten you.  I’ll start by mentioning that “Complete Works,” which I wrote about last week, came out

The Goldbergs
The Goldbergs

today on Hulu.  But for those of you in need of more than one comedy to binge on, check out “The Goldbergs” on ABC.  The show follows Adam Goldberg and his affectionately dysfunctional family in America’s most hilarious decade: the ’80s.  The newly released sitcom (still in season 1) is reminiscent of several other fairly recent comedies that revolve around the American middle-class family.  The ones that immediately come to mind are the Emmy/Golden Globe nominated Malcolm in the Middle and the charmingly nostalgic, critically acclaimed show, The Wonder Years.  Add in some heart and a tasteful amount of ’80s nostalgia/parody and you end up with a superbly watchable sitcom.

I am always surprised at how few of my friends and colleagues are watching “The Goldbergs.”  The show is already receiving high praise (and not just from me), so start catching up!

Richard Mattox

Richard Mattox is the head editor of Smash Cut Culture and a 2013 alumnus of the Taliesin Nexus Filmmakers Workshop and Internship program. Currently pursuing a Masters in Professional Writing (screenwriting emphasis) from USC, Mattox is an avid film-junkie, a singer-songwriter, and a die-hard Baltimore Orioles fan.