Joss Whedon has a new movie–and it has nothing to do with Avengers

in your eyesThe fine folks over at Reason celebrated earlier today the release of a new Whedon-penned and produced feature called In Your Eyes. The film, which flew under the radar until now, had two premieres: one, at last weekend’s Tribeca Film Festival, and the other online.

If this is the future of filmmaking–i.e., awesome storytellers who plop $5 movies into our lap, and expose us to new directors, without us having to ask–then count me in.


Crystal Hubbard

Crystal Hubbard is a freelance writer / producer, and a Smash Cut Culture contributor. She was a finalist for the New York Television Festival Fox Comedy script contest in 2011 and 2013, and is a Taliesin Nexus and Nexpressions alum. In 2012, she interned at Disruption Entertainment, and is a current Fellow with the Moving Picture Institute. She occasionally tweets (but mostly lurks) @cnhubbard, and sometimes uses Instagram @bare_cupboard.