NO SAFE SPACES: New Documentary by Adam Corolla and Dennis Prager

Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager are teaming up to make a new documentary about the “safe space” phenomenon that is plaguing college campuses across America. The pair has been filming for the past few months, but now they’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign for $500,000 to help them continue production on “No Safe Spaces.”

Once raised, the $500,000 will be matched by Dangerous Documentaries, according to The Hollywood Reporter. For just a $25 contribution, donors will receive a digital download of the film once it premieres. Higher contributions will be met with gifts like No Safe Spaces t-shirts, fake diplomas in “B.S.” from “Utopia University,” and a twitter follow or party invitation from Prager and Carolla.

According to the fundraising page:

“College used to be a place where young people went to broaden their horizons, have some fun, and graduate with a degree that prepared them for the world. But now, if you don’t think the right way or use the right words, you may end up being protested or thrown out of school. What the heck happened? Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager will tell you exactly what happened in a new film that exposes the most dangerous place in America for ideas and debate: The college campus.”

The film is scheduled to release in the Spring/Summer of 2018, and it will include unscripted footage of Prager and Carolla fielding questions from hysterical students on college campuses at the forefront of this progressive movement.



Adam Carolla is a TV and radio personality and host of comedic podcast The Adam Carolla Show. Dennis Prager hosts The Dennis Prager show and has been a successful radio host on various networks since 1982. More information about this project can be found on their crowdfunding page or their website.

Photo: Youtube / No Safe Spaces Movie