NO SAFE SPACES: New Documentary by Adam Corolla and Dennis Prager

Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager are teaming up to make a new documentary about the “safe space” phenomenon that is plaguing college campuses across America. The pair has been filming for the past few months, but now they’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign for $500,000 to help them continue production on “No Safe Spaces.”


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Short Film – Jujitsu-ing Reality

If you’ve ever succumbed to the pressures of writer’s block or other type of artistic stagnation, give over 16 minutes of your day to watch this award winning short about a screenwriter with ALS.  In Jujitsu-ing Reality, writer Scott Lew’s words come alive on screen by some notable Hollywood actors in his film Sexy Evil Genius,  of which scenes from the film are highlighted throughout.  We witness the lengths he, his family and assistants go to, to fulfill his creative desires.  Not only does the film display the remarkable perseverance of the individual human spirit, it compliments the advancements of technology, medicine and attitudes towards the invalid.

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Trailer Tuesday: “Of Dogs and Men”

This week’s Trailer Tuesday hits close to home! It comes from our good friend and producer Patrick Reasonover at Ozymandias Pictures, which has just released the first trailer for their new documentary “Of Dogs and Men.”  No, this is not a sequel, reboot or modern re-telling of “Of Mice and Men.”  This is real life, people!

Given the first few seconds of this trailer, you might think you’re about to watch another PSA for abused dogs narrated by Sarah McLachlan — but we soon realize that this deals with something much more realistic and dangerous.

Several men and woman tell their testimonies of what happened in their individual situations.  They emotionally describe the stories of how their dogs were shot by police officers during home “visits”…invasions?

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.48.26 PMReal footage shows instances where officers were using deadly force against the canines, but in self-defense?  It almost seems to paint law enforcement in a negative light, but one man in particular vows “…there are two sides to every story.”  Luckily, this comes in time to balance out the story so as not to come off as one-sided.  The interviews and news footage continue to show us dramatic, yet unfortunately realistic, situations where these acts are violently committed against seemingly innocent animals.  The ambiguous ending to the trailer leaves one wondering…who is in the wrong and can these acts be justified?