Calliope Author Launches Book on America’s Self Image

The pressing issue facing Americans today: angry rhetoric replacing thoughtful discussion, based on seemingly impossible-to-resolve divergent views of America’s role in the world, a stark contrast to what decades before had been proud patriotism and a relativity unified front during times of crisis.

For years, prolific Chicago writer Rich Trzupek researched and observed trends that shaped American’s self-perception from its founding onward. In his new book, America’s Journey: Underdog to Overlord, Regrets to Rebirth, baby-boomer Trzupek delights readers beyond history buffs with little-known stories and memorable characters that reflect Americans’ changing view of themselves from the world’s scrappy Underdog to the superpower Overlord.

“My intent is to start a dialog about how we have arrived at this time when neighbors and co-workers are afraid to talk with each other, families are torn apart over political disagreements, and elected officials react emotionally instead of leading dispassionately with a shared American vision and goal in mind,” Trzupek explains. “Each chapter traces key events that brought us to today’s sense of regret or rebirth, depending on your assessment of America’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Trzupek is one of the nation’s leading air-quality experts, currently serving as a highly regarded consultant to industry and providing expert testimony to the US House Committee on Energy and the Environment. He has authored two other books: The Air Quality Permitting and Compliance Handbook, and Regulators Gone Wild: How the EPA is Ruining American Industry. His multi-faceted commentaries on a broad range of topics have appeared in national publications and websites, such as Reuters, Breitbart, Front Page and Townhall. His weekly column in Examiner Publications, A View from the Cheap Seats, has been a favorite for readers in the western Chicago suburbs for over fifteen years.

Contributing to the development, editing, and publication of this book was support from Taliesin Nexus’ 2017 Calliope Author’s Workshop participants and organizers, whose mission is developing new voices writing freedom-oriented themes in both narrative non-fiction and fiction.

America’s Journey: Underdog to Overlord, Regrets to Rebirth goes on sale on February 22, 2018, in honor of Founding Father George Washington’s birthday. It is available in both print and ebook formats wherever books are sold. An audiobook edition, read by Trzupek, will be available this summer.

Visit: https://richtrzupek.com/