Confessions of a Cubs Fan: Ode to Opening Day

I do not care what any of the pessimists say, in my mind, 2016 will always be a great year. Despite the unprecedented celebrity deaths or the political divisiveness, what could possibly be better than the Cubs finally winning the World Series?

I remember last November – packed like sardines inside a Cubs bar, as far as you could possibly be within the continental United States from Chicago – watching Kris Bryant smile as he made the final out of the World Series. My eye’s welled with tears. I passionately embraced random strangers. I cheered and hollered and sang “Go, Cubs, Go” with my new friends loud enough to wake the dead. The improbably had finally happened, the impossible had finally happened, the Cubs won. The Curse of the Billy-Goat was finally broke. In that moment, I couldn’t help but share the sentiment of the final lines of the movie Moneyball (2011).

“How can you not be romantic about baseball?”


My Life Ends Today (And I Couldn’t Be Happier)

It's Finally Opening Day
It’s Finally Opening Day

That’s right.  It’s Opening Day!  The great ballparks across the US are opening up today and we’re finally getting baseball back.

So here’s what my productivity level is going to do:

Richard Mattox: Productivity During Baseball Season
Richard Mattox: Productivity During Baseball Season

All other aspects of my life will be put on hold from 4-10 pm every night.  They will be replaced by gallons of useless knowledge about who has a great BABIP and which midseason minor league call up has the best potential.  Some people say the nation’s pastime is falling away, but to me there’s still nothing that makes me feel more American.

My O’s (that’s Baltimore Orioles) made a few late signings this offseason and look poised to make noise in a competitive AL East division.  We’re all just praying Chris Davis’ 53 homer season wasn’t a fluke.

Chris "Crush" Davis: 53 HRs
Chris “Crush” Davis: 53 HRs

How do you feel about Opening Day? Have you been counting the days since October? Or do you find baseball to be unbearably slow? What are you looking forward to most in the 2014 season? Let us know!