“Dunkirk” Disappoints

A guest post from Brian Watt of Ricochet.com

Yes, there are spoilers herein. If you are planning to see Dunkirk at a theater near you and don’t want to read about how the new Christopher Nolan film treats this historical event then you may be excused. Here’s a trailer of the film below that should serve as a visual break in this Ricochet post before the review begins.

Let me begin by articulating that I am an admirer of Nolan’s work. He breathed new life into the Batman stories and made something that had been targeted previously primarily to adolescent boys something that adults could find entertaining and at times thought provoking, exploring such themes as chaos, evil and nihilism. With Interstellar, he and his screenwriting brother, took the time to explore the actual science of the astrophysics that the film relies upon with renowned physicist Kip Thorne, so it would have an air of authenticity and highly-probable believability (well, the ending was a stretch). If only Ridley Scott had applied Nolan’s same discipline and attention to detail to the laughably unscientific, Prometheus.


Trailer Tuesday: “Interstellar”

unnamedUnless you’ve been abstaining from all things entertainment for the last decade, you have definitely heard of Christopher Nolan.  His little film franchise called “The Dark Knight” trilogy made a bit of a splash over the last several years.


unnamedNow the man is back with what is gearing up to be yet another massively-hyped blockbuster.  The newest trailer for “Interstellar” was released just a couple of weeks ago.  A very vague teaser was released before this two-and-a-half minute party for the eyeballs came out. In true Nolan lore, there has been a very intentional cloud of mystery surrounding “Interstellar.”  Now, we know much more…but…not really.  We open up with a very serious Matthew McConaughey looking out his window onto a desolate and dystopian world that’s definitely seen better days.  Clearly there’s some apocalyptic-y threat going on (but which kind we still don’t know).  Michael Caine chimes in with a voiceover asking Matthew’s character Cooper to trust him. Still nothing is completely understood, but he’s essentially asking him to save all of humanity from extinction on a very dangers mission to outer space, with little-to-no information as to where he would be going or how long he’ll be gone.  Enter the human emotion and the unnamedmassive tug of heart strings as Cooper consoles his young daughter Murph (Mackenzie Foy) as she struggles to accept the fact that her father will be leaving her for what could very easily end up being years…or forever.  The sentimentality is extremely touching here and reminds us of the talent that Nolan has for creating relatable characters.  As Cooper reaches the depths of space with his fellow astronaut Brand (Anne Hathaway), we see them confronted with some seriously stellar images (pun partially intended) that I can only describe as being beautifully terrifying.  We end on yet another deep, emotional voiceover from Cooper saying, “We’ll find a way. We always have.”  Wow. This trailer has made me feel a serious rollercoaster of emotion…in less than 3 minutes.  There’s something extremely intriguing, mysterious and overwhelming when thinking about space and time travel.  And that’s a level of mystery that Nolan has succeeded in creating…at least with this trailer.

Here’s to hoping the movie is as good as this visionary eye candy! Oscar bait, anybody?