TOTY award

VOTE: Trailer of the Year Award

Welcome to Smash Cut Culture’s annual Trailer of the Year Award.  This is the inaugural year and we are excited to showcase six of the year’s best trailers. It will be up to you to determine which of the six should take home the top prize.

Before we continue, we must address the big elephant in the room, or rather, the big bantha in the room. You will notice that there are a total of zero Star Wars: The Force Awakens nominations.  This was done for one reason, it would have been a completely pointless contest because anything Star Wars on the internet, wins.  I equate it to long discussions about who was the greatest wide receiver in NFL history, in that there are no long discussions because of Jerry Rice. There are long discussions about who is the second best NFL receiver, but the top spot belongs to Rice.

So to keep this interesting and still interactive, Star Wars trailers are banned from contention. Because for the foreseeable future,  there will be a new Star Wars trailer released every year that breaks the internet.  That is unless The Force Awakens turns out to suck, then all bets are off.

Now that that is out of the way, on to the nominations of which each will introduced by a top YouTube comment.


Lego Movie

What’s The Biggest Snub in Oscar History?

LegoMovieSure it’s catchy, smart, and witty original song, “Everything is Awesome” was nominated for an award, but the excellent screenplay and overall achievement in, not just animation, but all of filmmaking that The Lego Movie brought this year was grossly overlooked this morning as the nominations for the 87th Academy Awards were announced.  If you’ve heard great things about this movie but still haven’t taken the time to watch.  Please do, you will be pleasantly surprised.  I admit it’s about 15 min too long (lots of toy explosions account for that) but it’s as original as any of the other out-of-the-box films that were nominated for big awards this morning – The Grand Budapest Hotel, Birdman, and Boyhood being prime examples.


Michael Keaton Is…

If there is one thing to like about the Golden Globes, (because the Awards themselves are a joke) it’s that sometimes one of the good guys finishes first and get’s a chance to talk into a world-wide microphone and drop some knowledge.

Michael Keaton was Mr. Mom and Bill Blazejowski. He was Beetlejuice and was Batman. But what Michael Keaton still is and always will be, is Michael John Douglas.