‘Deadpool 2’ is Ten times better than ‘Logan’ Was

Deadpool (aka Wade Wilson), would tell you that “Deadpool 2 is ten times better than Logan was.

The first Deadpool, was unexpected bliss. Studio-heads and comic-book fan-boys fundamentally misunderstand each other. Nowhere is this clearer than with that three-letter-studio holding rights to the X-men. When the first Deadpool film came out in 2016, we were blown away – they finally managed to give us the comic-book film [we] the nerds had been begging for. So naturally – and skeptically – I wondered, would Deadpool 2 deliver to the same extent? How much of the euphoria delivered by the first film was the result of pop-culture references, unrestrained violence, and pure unadulterated shock value? Could they catch lightning in a bottle a second time?

They did. Spoilers below.

Listen the film isn’t as great as the first Deadpool, but it is pretty damn good. The story is relatively straight forward, out antihero Wade is on a quest for purpose, meaning, and redemption. After losing the love of his life, played by the gorgeous Monera Baccarin, depression consumes Deadpool and the un-killable man becomes obsessed with his own death. Eventually, Deadpool finds his purpose – helping prevent a chubby pre-adolescent with an explosive temper from falling to the dark side. The story is not the most original, but it works.

The true strength in the film is the characters. Our title character, the “merc-with-the-mouth”, is a politically incorrect and socially offensive chatter-box, and that’s why we love him. He throws one-liners faster than the audience can even process them; poking fun at everything from the failures of the DC Cinematic Universe, to Wolverine, to the fact that Josh Brolin plays both Cable and Thanos. Deadpool is entertaining and is an entertaining enough character to build a story around. And in this film, he is forced to put all joking aside and deal with the reality that is death, and his quest to finally find a family. And in the end, he succeeds in creating one, The X-Force.

Photo: IMDB
Photo: IMDB

Cable, the comic book fan-favorite, doesn’t disappoint either. He is very much the gruff, bad-ass, killing-machine that we have come to know in the comics, and he is the perfect foil to Deadpool. The X-Force team is rounded out with everyone’s favorite Russian strongman Colossus, and lady-luck herself, Domino. The are some great cameo’s in the film. Some of our favorite X-men appear briefly. We are also lucky enough to see some of the rarer comic book characters like the Vaniher, Shatterstar, Zeitgeist, and Black Tom Cassidy.

But the best character in the film aside for Deadpool is the Juggernaut. The unstoppable giant of a man, who within minutes of appearing on screen proceeds to rip Deadpool into pieces. He is very much the Juggernaut we have wanted, and nothing like the wanna-be version portrayed by Vinnie Jones in X-men the Last Stand.

The best moment in the film comes in the post credit scene, when Deadpool steals Cable’s time-travel watch to retcon all of the gravest mistakes, such as the portrayal of his character in Wolverine: Origins and Ryan Reynold’s acceptance of the title role in of The Green Lantern.

If you want to watch an entertaining movie, you’re in luck. If you enjoy crude humor, graphic violence, and amusing comic book shenanigans, Deadpool 2 is your movie. The violence reaches new levels, and the jokes are offensive. The film is not as good as the original. The story doesn’t have the focus or gravity that the revenge filled origin-tale does. You can tell the difference between the styles of Tim Miller who directed the first film, and David Leitch who directed the second. While there are no monumental style changes, in many way, I find myself favoring Miller’s style more. Maybe more out of familiarity than anything else. The differences. But the change in style is not as bad, and the film is a worthy successor. Again, the filmmakers know what the audiences wants and expects from a Deadpool film, and they deliver us everything that we want them to.

Go see the movie, you’ll like it. Unless of course, you hated EVERYTHING about the first film, and despise the character and the actor (Ryan Reynolds) who plays him. In that case, you will be much happier watching Wolverine: Origins on Prime (after all, we know no one else is).

Disclaimer – for the record, I do not believe that Deadpool 2 was ten times the film that Logan was.