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In Case You Missed It: Krypton

I am sure you – just like me – were confused and slightly puzzled when you heard about Syfy’s new series Krypton. A Superman show, without Superman? I was not really sure how I felt about that. When the show premiered Wednesday night, I had to give it a watch.


The show follows Seg-El, the headstrong and fearless grandfather of Superman. Seg-El is approached by a time travelling Adam Strange, who warns him that parties in the future (specifically Brainiac) have traveled to the past to ensure that Superman – the greatest hero in the Universe – is never born.

The premise is a solid one, and a brilliant move by the writers. Considering the fact that Superman has been around for eighty years, as fans, we know relatively little about the planet Krypton and Kryptonian society. They have virtually given themselves a blank canvas on which to add to Superman lore, and I am excited to see where they go with it. In the pilot there are plenty of nods to the future, Seg-El discovers the Fortress of Solitude and is romantically interested in one of the ancestors of General Zod. Finally, while we only get to see him for a second, we get a taste of Brainiac. In those few seconds he is utterly amazing and exactly as we have always wanted to him to be.

As an audience, we cannot help but root for the El’s, and for more reasons than just the fact that they are the relatives of Kal-El. They fight to boldly proclaim the truth, to champion justice, and to protect the weak. In many ways, they are proof that Superman’s willingness to defend the “American way” is as much a biproduct of his Kryptonian DNA, as his upbringing in Smallville, Kansas.

The best part of the show, is the world building. The alien world of Krypton, is a visual spectacle. It is foreign, it is exotic, and it is believable. The Art Direction seems to have spared no expense with their attention to the detail required to bring Krypton to life. It pays off, and as a viewer, I cannot wait to explore more of this world.

In case you missed it the first time, you should check this one out. Krypton has all the makings of a really great Sci-fi show, and something you should really consider giving a chance, even if it does not feature the Last Son of Krypton himself. I had my doubts, but I am really looking forward to the rest of this season of Krypton. It is bold. It is original. And while it is still too early to definitively say, I suspect that it may well be on its way to becoming the best DC show on television.